Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation Awards (CSCI)

Well-being, Health and Biomedical Discovery


Academic Unit: inquire with unit

Memorial Deadline: Monday 16th, May 2022

External Deadline: Saturday 2nd, July 2022


Nominators are advised to contact Ellen Steinhauer , Manager, Awards and Honours, SIRI/RGCS, for information on this program, if they are interested in these competitions.

Distinguished Scientist Lecture and Award


Eligibility – A Canadian MD or PhD medical Scientist who has made significant contributions to new knowledge and is generally recognized in her/his field as expert, innovative, and in the forefront of research endeavour.

Proposal Mechanism – Individuals should be proposed by a CSCI member. The nomination package, which includes letters of support from two (2) supporters and a current curriculum vitae should be emailed the CSCI office. The curriculum vitae must include a complete business mailing address and e-mail address.

Deadline – Submissions to be received by: July 2, 2022.

Selection Process – Review and prioritization of the candidates will be made by the CSCI Awards Committee and their recommendations will be forwarded to the CSCI Executive for ratification

Henry Friesen Award And Lecture (CSCI/RCPSC)

Sponsored by
The Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI)
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 

Selection Criteria & Eligibility:

  • A Canadian scientist, MD or PhD who is notable for her/his contribution to biomedical or related research and who is actively involved in research at a Canadian university.
  • The research should be recognizable on the international field as novel and original and of the highest calibre.
  • The body of work should be of significant duration to be proven longitudinally.
  • The individual should serve as a role model to the membership of the CSCI and the RCPSC.

Proposal Process
Nominations will be sought as widely as possible. The nomination package should be and should contain the following:

  • Letters from two (2) sponsors, the first being from the person proposing the candidate outlining the rationale for this nomination, the second being from a person who is seconding the nomination
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae, including a full list of publications and a complete business mailing address and current e-mail address
  • Two of the nominee’s best publications (these can be of the nominee’s choosing)

The deadline for nominations is July 2, 2022.

Joe Doupe Young Investigator Award

Awarded to a new young investigator within ten (10) years of his/her first academic appointment who, in the estimation of his/her departmental chair, is deemed to have accomplished a significant and innovative piece of work since this initial academic appointment.

Candidacy is achieved through nomination by a CSCI member, with support being provided from the nominee’s departmental chair. The nomination package should be emailed the CSCI office and should contain two (2) letters of support and a current curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae must include a business mailing address with a current email address.

Deadline for Submissions: July 2, 2022.

Funding Sources

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