2020 Kidney Health Research Grant Competition- Full Application

Well-being, Health and Biomedical Discovery


Academic Unit: Inquire with Unit

Memorial Deadline: Thursday 26th, September 2019

External Deadline: Tuesday 1st, October 2019


The Kidney Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce that the value of this grant has increased to $120,000 over two years with a maximum of $60,000 per year.

Applications for the 2020 Kidney Health Research Grant Competition must be completed via the on-line application system proposalCENTRAL www.proposalCentral.com. Please allow extra time to review the system before the registration deadline of September 01, 2019. To apply through this site, you will have to set up a profile, and then search for “Kidney” under “Grant Opportunities” and fill out the Kidney Health Research Grant application.

The policies for the 2020 Kidney Health Research Grant are available on The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Website www.kidney.ca and on the proposalCENTRAL website www.proposalCentral.com

For more information regarding The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Research Program, please contact Elisabeth Fowler at (613) 793-1299 or at elisabeth.fowler@kidney.ca.

Funding Sources

Kidney Foundation of Canada

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Last modified: July 24, 2019