2021 Provincial Archaeology Office Research Grant Competition

Aboriginal Peoples
Community, Regional & Enterprise Development
Creative Arts, Culture and Heritage


Academic Unit: Inquire with your unit

Memorial Deadline: Monday 3rd, May 2021

External Deadline: Monday 10th, May 2021



Those of you who may be interested in applying for an archaeological research grant for the 2021 field season please submit your research grant application to the Provincial Archaeology Office for review by May 10, 2021.   Applications are available online at https://www.gov.nl.ca/tcar/files/grant_app1.doc

If you have any questions please email Delphina Mercer.

Please note that the conditions of the PAO grant shall include:

  1. 1. Acknowledgement of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation must be made in all publications resulting from the fieldwork / research
  2. 2. Digital Copies of all publications plus a digital copy of any thesis resulting from the fieldwork/research must be submitted to the Provincial Archaeology Office.
  3. If the research includes fieldwork then copies of field notes and photos must be submitted to the Provincial Archaeology Office.
  4. 3. Some equipment purchased under the grant becomes the property of the Provincial Archaeology Office and will be deposited with MUN Archaeology Department upon completion of fieldwork / research, or termination of grant, whichever comes first (PAO will advise applicants in their grant approval letter if and what equipment will be required to be returned).
  5. 4. The supervisor must sign the application and will be held responsible for compliance with above by student.
  6. 5. Failure to meet these conditions may be cause for termination of grant or rejection of further proposals.
Provincial Archaeology Office of Newfoundland and Labrador

Funding Sources

Government of NL, Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation

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