Biomedical Research Grants & Special Research Project Grant: Predictive Biomarkers

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Memorial Deadline: Wednesday 26th, September 2018

External Deadline: Monday 1st, October 2018


Biomedical Research Grants

Biomedical Research Grants provide financial support to medical researchers to assist in defraying the operating costs of research, which may include the purchase of materials, supplies and equipment and the payment of laboratory assistants.

Grants are available for one, two or three years, commencing July 1, for up to $50,000 per year. The research must be carried out in Canada.

Special Research Project Grant:  Predictive Biomarkers

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal for a special project related to predictive biomarkers.  The value of this grant is $450,000 over 4 years, with a maximum of $112,500 per year.

The Kidney Foundation wishes to announce out that it is seeking grant applications to support a multi-year research project to identify biomarkers predictive for the progression of kidney disease in an ethnically diverse population in Ontario.  The research grant proposal should contain the following:
1.  Evaluation of biomarkers which may be predictive of progression of kidney disease
2.  Study population is an ethnically diverse population in Ontario
3.  Preference given for applicants with access to an existing cohort of patients
4.  Preference given for applicants with access to stored genetic, blood and urine samples to allow for future testing.
The Kidney Foundation reserves the right to make a decision on the relevance of a given project.  Applications deemed irrelevant will not be funded regardless of the excellence of the science.
This award will become tenable January 1, 2019.

2019 Competition – Important Dates

COMPETITION (two stage process) DEADLINE
Registration Form September 01, 2018
Full Application October 01, 2018

Please ensure that you are using the current Kidney Foundation of Canada Biomedical Research Grant forms as no other form will be accepted for this competition


The Biomedical Research Grants Policies 2018 Competition, supersede all previous Kidney Foundation of Canada Biomedical Research Grants Policies. Applicants should always refer to the latest version. The Kidney Foundation of Canada may, without notice, alter the programs or terms of a grant. Any major changes will be announced immediately on the KFOC website at The Kidney Foundation of Canada reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and policies. Applicants should contact the National Director of Research or the Coordinator, Research Grants and Awards as required.

Additional Program details and Application forms are available on the Kidney Foundation’s website.

Funding Sources

Kidney Foundation of Canada

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