Cancer Research Society (CRS) Operating Grants – Letter of Intent

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Academic Unit: inquire with unit

Memorial Deadline: RIS review not required for Letter of Intent

External Deadline: Wednesday 13th, December 2023


The Operating Grants Program is the principal means by which the Cancer Research Society (CRS) fulfills its mission to support fundamental, early translational and environment-cancer research on all types of cancer to contribute to the advancement of science aimed at preventing, detecting and treating this disease.

The CRS Operating Grants Competition takes place every year and is open to researchers across Canada.

CRS Operating Grants are intended to support Canadian researchers in their pursuit to advance
scientific knowledge in the following five (5) areas:
1) Fundamental/basic cancer research;
2) Prevention;
3) Early translational cancer research, including preclinical research, cellular or animal
models, biomarkers for diagnostics and prognosis, imaging and treatment;
4) Research studying the environmental causes of cancer including viruses,
pollutants, work environment, lifestyle and diet;
5) In collaboration with CIHR, ‘Cancer Survivorship Research’. Research to improve health
outcomes for cancer survivors of all age groups, including studies to reduce risk of
recurrence and to prevent or lessen adverse side effects and comorbidities from cancer

NEW this year!

Amount: The amount has increased to $130,000 over 2 years ($65,000 per year)

Duration: 2 years

Start Date: September 1

December 13, 2023, 11:59 pm (ET) Deadline for receipt of Letter of Intent

December 19, 2023 Invitation to submit a full application*

February 13, 2024, 11:59 pm (ET) Deadline for receipt of full application

See website for further information.


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Cancer Research Society

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