CARB-X 2019 Funding Round 3 – Diagnostics – LOI

Well-being, Health and Biomedical Discovery


Academic Unit: Inquire with Unit

Memorial Deadline: RGCS review not required for LOI submission

External Deadline: Monday 19th, August 2019


CARB-X supports the best science and most promising early development R&D projects anywhere in the world. We are aggressively expanding our global outreach and the diversity of projects in Powered by CARB-X pipeline to ensure that no opportunity is lost in the battle against drug-resistant bacterial infections.

We fund antibiotics, vaccines, rapid diagnostics and other life-saving products that target the most serious forms of Gram-negative bacteria and difficult-to-treat bacteria including C. difficile. CARB-X requires that companies receiving the funding commit significant investment of their own. While CARB-X grants are non-dilutive, we require our partner product developers to have solid investment in their project. The result is an innovative pipeline that is growing.

Our pipeline strategy is to fund and support projects with diverse approaches and mechanisms of action. The more shots on goal we have, the more likely we are to deliver new treatments and approaches for drug-resistant bacteria. The projects in the Powered by CARB-Xportfolio are in the early stages of research, and there is always a high risk of failure. But if successful, these projects, hold exciting potential in the fight against the deadliest bacteria. If only one succeeds, we will have made tremendous progress.

  • Scope: Diagnostics
  • – Pathogen ID/AST

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