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Memorial Deadline: Friday 21st, June 2024

External Deadline: Thursday 27th, June 2024


The intent of the CCS Breakthrough Team Grants model is to bring together passionate and talented teams of scientists, clinicians, patient partners, and knowledge users from across disciplines to work synergistically and ‘think big’ to address important gaps in cancer research that will be transformational for people affected by the disease.

The primary scientific objectives for this Breakthrough Team Grants program are twofold (and intended to be represented by at least 2 funded Breakthrough Teams):

Theme 1 – To develop a better understanding of the biology of and mechanisms associated with cancer cell dormancy, including research that:

  • – Investigates different models of dormancy such as angiogenic, immune-mediated, and cellular dormancy.
  • – Delineates the mechanisms behind why certain types/subtypes of cancer are more prone to dormancy (and hence, metastases).
  • – Explores the individual factors (genetic, molecular, etc.) that lead some to develop metastatic disease while others do not.
  • – Develops(and utilizes) new, physiologically relevant model systems that accurately represent dormancy in human cancers.
  • – Could result in interventions that can prevent the onset of metastatic disease.

Cancer cell dormancy remains an understudied and inadequately understood phenomenon. This funding opportunity attempts to change this. The research proposed should have a strong potential to lead to clinical application, but the primary focus should be on developing a more thorough understanding of dormancy that will inform all future research in this area.

Theme 2 – To better support people living with advanced or metastatic disease throughout the course of their disease, including research that:

  • – Examines interdisciplinary prevention/management of symptoms and chronic conditions (including non-pharmacological management).
  • – Seeks to provide improved psychosocial support.
  • – Seeks to develop integrated and appropriate palliative care.
  • – Improves support for caregivers.
  • – Considers longitudinal studies to provide a clearer picture of the unique needs of people living with long-term metastatic disease (particularly as they relate to patient-reported outcomes (PROs), or that could identify factors associated with longer-term survival of people diagnosed with metastatic disease.
  • – Seeks to better coordinate and deliver complex care.
  • – Considers equitable access to anticipated project outcomes from the outset.

 The overarching goal of this Breakthrough Team Grants program is to catalyze collaborative and innovative research initiatives aimed at fundamentally transforming our understanding of cancer metastasis and enhancing support for those living with advanced or metastatic disease, ultimately leading to improved quality of life and extended survival for those affected by cancer.

Please see the CCS website for more information.

*Informational & Networking workshop (mandatory):  May 9th (12-3pm ET)
Letter of Intent (LOI) submission (mandatory):  June 27, 2024 (submission form available in EGrAMS in late May)
Full applications due:  October 15, 2024

Funding Sources

Canadian Cancer Society

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