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External Deadline: Wednesday 8th, May 2024


Canada has a strong basic research community for whom investment in multi-disciplinary and integrative research approaches in new and emerging areas is necessary to support and strengthen this thriving group. The iterative development, validation, and improvement of new technologies often results in major leaps forward in medical research. However, getting funding for new technology development can be challenging as having the technology working and validated is often a prerequisite for its use in discovery research. Examples of current and validated technologies that are used for cutting edge research in Canada include artificial intelligence, machine learning, organoids, Crispr/Cas9 gene editing, mRNA therapies and vaccines, and stem cell differentiation and implantation. Examples of other technologies that basic research consider as essential include Taq polymerase for PCR, restriction enzymes, site-directed mutagenesis (for which Canada’s Michael Smith shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), ‘omics’ technologies, electrophoresis and western blots, and many others. New biomedical technology development and validation was therefore identified as a major gap in funding that is required to advance biomedical research in Canada; this gap will be addressed through the catalyst grants funded through this funding opportunity (FO). Development and validation of new biomedical technologies is a high-risk high-reward endeavour.

There is, and clearly will be, an ongoing and ever-increasing demand for new technologies and applications to carry out highly technical research and its transition to application to human health in the public and private sectors.

Examples of activities that might be conducted under this FO are (but are not limited to):

  • – Human organs on chips
  • – Stem cell differentiation and implantation
  • – Computational methods applied to in vivo applications
  • – Gene editing, mRNA and other oligonucleotides as potential therapies, vaccines, diagnostics, and detection of diseases
  • – Software and methods development to support and/or improve ‘omic’ analysis (e.g., increased reliability, reproducibility, analysis, sensitivity)
  • – Viral vector development and delivery of human genes
  • – Peptide and/or protein therapies or vaccines
  • – Nanoparticles for the delivery of therapies or vaccines
  • – Innovative methods to generate animal models
  • – Biomedical imaging
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Registration Deadline 2024-05-08
Application Deadline 2024-07-09

Information Webinar: April 5, 2024 1 PM ET | Register.

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Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

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