CIHR-CEPI Leadership Award for Vaccine Research

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Memorial Deadline: Thursday 15th, April 2021

External Deadline: Tuesday 20th, April 2021


Canadian experiences with the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Ebola epidemics, and most recently with the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasize the importance of ensuring Canadian researchers remain leaders in vaccine development and continue to build expertise in epidemic preparedness. Mobilization of a rapid and effective research response, as illustrated by our current experience with COVID-19, requires international collaboration and strong relationships between stakeholders. It is, therefore, important that Canadian vaccine researchers continue to have the opportunity to access research excellence, establish collaborative relationships, and participate in an exchange of knowledge and skills with experts in vaccine research from around the world.

An innovative partnership between public, private, philanthropic, and civil organizations, CEPI is a world leader in identifying and supporting preparedness activities that enable a rapid research response in vaccine development. This is highlighted by their advanced COVID-19 vaccine portfolio and leading role in numerous novel COVID-19 initiatives (see latest CEPI news). CEPI’s scientific functions, divided into two locations that make up a single Research & Development (R&D) department, are based in London, United Kingdom and Oslo, Norway. Both are equally important and the division of responsibilities is shown in Figure 1.

This funding opportunity recognizes the research achievements of mid-career investigators who are on track for, or have already achieved, international leadership in vaccine research for infectious diseases. With this award, CIHR and CEPI are each providing grant funding for a mutually beneficial research project that mid-career researchers will co-develop with CEPI. The co-developed project will align with CEPI’s mission and priority diseases, and fall within one or more research area(s) of this funding opportunity. This initiative will leverage Canadian expertise to advance research on CEPI’s priority diseases and provide Nominated Principal Applicants (NPAs) with access to biological samples, innovative technologies and new collaborative relationships so they can continue on the path towards becoming world-class leaders in vaccine research for infectious diseases of epidemic potential.

To facilitate knowledge exchange, mentorship and relationship building, funded NPAs will be integrated into the CEPI Project Team (i.e., CEPI employees) and CEPI Joint Managerial Advisory Group (JMAG, which consists of the CEPI Project Team plus CEPI partners [academic or industrial research teams funded by CEPI]). These two groups typically meet virtually or in-person every three months (for a total of up to eight meetings per year). Funded NPAs will be required to be onsite for the in-person meetings, if possible (subject to resumption of save travel). See Conditions of Funding for more information.

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