CIHR – Summer Program in Aging 2022 (Neurodegenerative and Cerebrovascular Disease)

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Memorial Deadline: Friday 21st, January 2022

External Deadline: Wednesday 26th, January 2022


The Summer Program in Aging (SPA) is the Institute of Aging’s (IA) flagship training program. It aims to provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows involved in aging research with a program of advanced training that crosses disciplines, sectors, institutions, and geography. The program will bring together approximately 40 research trainees and numerous academic mentors to participate in interactive learning sessions. The focus topic for SPA 2022 is Neurodegenerative and Cerebrovascular Diseases and will be led by Dr. David Hogan, academic lead of the University of Calgary Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging.

A commonality of neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases is that aging is their greatest risk factor. The SPA 2022 curriculum will focus on major neurocognitive disorders (dementias) due to neurodegeneration (progressive loss of the structure or function of neurons and/or glial cells in specific regions or functional systems of the brain and/or spinal cord) and/or cerebrovascular diseases. The objectives of the program will include exploring underlying mechanisms of these diseases and approaches to prevention, management across the continuum of severity, addressing stigma and the role of caregivers, and developing and practicing the skills required to achieve success in team-based graduate science training. The 2022 SPA will also include meaningful involvement of, and interaction with, people with lived experiences of neurodegeneration and cerebrovascular diseases, including those who are providing informal and formal care to these individuals.

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