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The 2021 Federal Budget announced funding for CIHR’s Clinical Trials Fund (CTF), an integral component of Canada’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy (BLSS). In support of this, the CTF will provide funding through three specific vehicles: platforms with the development of a pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium; people with the funding of training platforms; and, projects through the funding of a broad spectrum of clinical trial initiatives.

As a signatory to the G7 Therapeutics and Vaccines Clinical Trials Charter, the Government of Canada has committed to supporting international efforts for improved clinical trial collaboration and cooperation to respond to future health emergencies. As a result of Canada’s scientific expertise, high quality healthcare system, and research funding, and infrastructure, Canada is a global destination for important clinical trials. However, planned investments in the biomanufacturing ecosystem, including for clinical trial projects, networks, and capacity, will help to reinforce the existing scientific excellence and ensure that Canada is well-prepared for future health challenges.

The CTF will support research and researchers across the country to conduct the full spectrum of clinical trials including the development and testing of new drugs, treatments, and public health and health system interventions to prevent, detect, treat, or manage various diseases or medical conditions.

Platforms: A Pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium

Canada has an array of clinical trial networks across disease areas which provide access to specialized research expertise and ensures that research activities are not duplicative. However, there remains a need for stability with improved coordination and collaboration infrastructure, as well as support for additional research networks in clinical areas where these structures do not currently exist.

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support the creation of a pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium that will strengthen coordination of clinical trials conducted in Canada, as well as Canadian participation in international clinical trials.

Consortium Structure

The Consortium will include a coordinating function that facilitates harmonization and engagement among clinical trial networks, stakeholders and other components of the CTF to accelerate clinical trials research, build synergies and mobilize knowledge to rapidly advance discovery and increase the impact of research in evidence-based decision-making. The coordinating function will:

  • Identify gaps to support new clinical trial networks where needed, support and expand existing national networks, and promote relationships to leverage efforts and increase the efficiency and impact of research.
  • Establish connections to international partners and consortia, promote Canadian research internationally, incorporate relevant knowledge and learning from other jurisdictions in a Canadian context, and seek out and support Canadian engagement in international clinical trials.
  • Lead collaboration across member networks to establish resource and data sharing policies and increase efficiencies in research and related processes (including, but not limited to ethics review; contracts; common protocols; developing applications for trial funding; supporting consistent and valid patient-oriented outcomes); and streamlining knowledge mobilization/transfer mechanisms.
  • Foster an equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) approach in clinical trials to ensure diverse individuals are included in clinical trials in a manner appropriate to the scientific questions under study so that the knowledge gained from research is applicable to all those affected by the researched diseases/conditions. This would include but is not limited to a lifecycle approach, to include children, older adults, and pregnant people; as well as populations often underserved by clinical trials.
  • Support and contribute, where possible and relevant, to the efforts of the Clinical Trial Training Platforms and research projects funded through separate funding opportunities of the CTF.
Competition Letter of Intent (202205LCT) Full Application (202207CTR)
Application Deadline 2022-05-25 2022-07-19
Anticipated Notice of Decision 2022-06-03 2022-09-29

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