Inuit Nunangat Research Program Call for Proposals/Applications

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Memorial Deadline: Tuesday 8th, December 2020

External Deadline: Monday 14th, December 2020


ArcticNet is proud to support the release of the Inuit Nunangat Research Program (INRP)’s Call for Proposals (CFP). This is an exciting opportunity for Inuit to lead research without having to partner with a southern university, and to propose projects on issues that matter to their communities. The INRP is the first Inuit-led, directed and governed research program in Canada funded under our new North by North Program,

Evidence-informed decision-making requires high quality research, highly trained and professional experts, and a focus on what really matters in a region. In Arctic Canada, science needs to be led by northerners, based on northern knowledge and needs.

ArcticNet’s new North by North Program magnifies this urgent need to support northern research led by northern people.

Historically, research in Indigenous and northern regions has neglected the expertise, leadership and needs of communities in which some studies have taken place. Aligning with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)’s National Inuit Strategy on Research (NISR), the North by North Program advances Inuit governance in research, ensures Inuit inclusion and co-design, builds capacity through training and fellowships, and uses partnerships to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of Inuit Nunangat research for and led by Inuit.

The members and organizations of the Inuit Advisory Committee (IAC) invite all Inuit to submit research proposals in their preferred language and format. Inuit are eligible to submit their proposals as the project leaders without the need to partner with an academic researcher.

Please submit proposals directly to ITK via or to

This program is supported in partnership between ArcticNet and ITK, made possible with the financial and administrative support of the University of Ottawa. Please direct any administrative and financial questions to ArcticNet via

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