Movember Social Connections Challenge- Stage 1

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Memorial Deadline: Monday 12th, October 2020

External Deadline: Thursday 15th, October 2020


The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the lives of millions globally. Early health data has demonstrated that while rates of Covid-19 are similar among men and women, the severity and mortality of Covid-19 appear to disproportionately impact boys and men, especially those from marginalized and minority backgrounds. While 58% of global deaths from Covid-19 have been male, there is a need to address the adverse health, social and economic impacts of the pandemic on boys and men.


Movember sees an opportunity within Covid-19 to tackle men’s mental health by launching the Social Connections Challenge (the “Challenge”) in five participating countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom through the direct investment of $3.54M AUD. *(CAN $3.22M, IRE € 2.12M, NZ $3.77M, UK £1.86M)

Movember’s global efforts to improve the mental health and wellbeing of men through an upstream prevention and early intervention approach*6can be leveraged through the mobilizing of ideas that work and then sharing and promoting with others. Where possible, Movember would look to invest in longer-term collaboration and co-development of ideas to build evidence of effective interventions.

For the Challenge, Movember is looking for digital/technology-based solutions that are being utilized to maintain men’s social connections and manage their isolation while needing to be physically apart. We are aiming to address the mental health risks of vulnerable men by exploring innovative solutions that can potentially be scaled for long-term impact.

1) Stage 1: Ideation (75 ideas to be selected) This Challenge is seeking ‘idea generators’. An idea is a wonderful thing, particularly when it can be developed, shared and utilised broadly. Millions of people are innovating their work responsibilities, social behaviours and living arrangements. Many have been experimenting with digital or technology-based solutions to manage day to day, stay connected, or check-in on family and friends. These ideas could help others in similar situations if they become widely known.

How have you been managing your own social isolation or helping others to manage theirs? Are you willing to share what you’ve been doing so others can benefit?

Ideas should be grounded in the real world and be developed from the male perspective. This means your solution needs to be reflective of real situations and relatable to the men who would utilise it.

2) Stage 2: Co-Development In the spirit of innovation, Movember is utilising a co-development model that leverages the passion and creativity of communities, industries and sectors. We believe this model will elevate and stimulate thinking around men’s health solutions and engage individuals and organizations who have not had previous connection to our organisational causes (i.e., prostate and testicular cancers, and mental health & suicide prevention).

Co-Development projects that have potential utility for broader men’s programs or product development will be shortlisted from the 75 solutions selected in Stage 1. The collaborative process will involve iteration, design thinking and refinement of the idea for implementation and trial (i.e., testing).

HOW TO APPLY  Register online at:  Set up a user profile and complete and submit your idea on or before 15 October, 2020, 5:00 pm EDT (all markets).  Late or emailed submissions will not be accepted.



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