NFRF: Special Call – Innovative Approaches to Research in the Pandemic Context – Application

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Academic Unit: Inquire within your unit

Memorial Deadline: Tuesday 19th, October 2021

External Deadline: Tuesday 26th, October 2021


SIRI will be offering support with application development for this opportunity. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Jennifer Stevens ( early during the development process to discuss the services available to them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a documented disruptive effect on researchers’ ability to continue planned research activities, particularly community and field-based research. However, the pandemic also provides a unique opportunity to explore new directions in research methodologies, such as innovative approaches to increasing research inclusiveness through the proactive engagement and empowerment of community and other stakeholders to conduct research themselves. This exploration could include developing and testing new approaches to community science, patient-oriented research, Indigenous-led research and more.

While there are challenges, including, for example, the high cost of technologies used in remote data collection, new approaches to conducting research also bring opportunities, such as deepening community leadership in the research process. The development of new ways of doing research is high risk, in that it has the potential to fail. If successful, new research methodologies are also high reward—significantly enhancing the capacity for knowledge generation, dissemination and use in Canada and around the world. New research methodologies have the potential to benefit researchers, the communities engaged in and empowered by the research, and all those impacted by the outcomes of the research. They may be used beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and their positive impacts may be long lasting. They may be adopted widely to complement or replace existing methodologies, or be used only when emergency situations, such as pandemics or natural disasters, preclude the use of existing methodologies.

The goal of this rapid response call is to accelerate the exploration of new approaches and the development and testing of new directions in research methodologies. It is expected that this call will predominately support new ways of conducting community and field-based research, since the pandemic has had the greatest impact on researchers’ ability to collect data and conduct this type of research.

Rapid response grants will support projects to continue work that was interrupted or stalled by the pandemic and that trial and test a novel and innovative research approach with the potential to benefit Canada and the world. Proposals must be time sensitive and demonstrate a new way of doing research in situations where conventional or established research methods cannot be used due to COVID-19-related restrictions.

The competition has 2 stages: NOI and Application

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Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat (TIPS)

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