Operating Grant : 17th JPIAMR transnational call for research projects (2024) – Proposal

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Memorial Deadline: Thursday 4th, July 2024

External Deadline: Tuesday 9th, July 2024


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) affects humans, animals and plants without geographic borders or species barriers. Progress on AMR is necessary to achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with AMR being deeply rooted into attainment of SDGs promoting no poverty, good health and wellbeing, zero hunger, reduced inequality, decent work and international growth.

CIHR is a member of the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR), a collaboration between 29 countries who support research in AMR with the goal of achieving long-term reductions in resistance levels and better public health outcomes through national public funding.

Canada and all JPIAMR members are applying a One Health lens to AMR and antimicrobial use, which involves strengthening cooperation between human health, animal health, and environmental sectors (and recognizes the importance of incorporating agri-food considerations).

This call, developed under the ERA-Net JPIAMR-ACTION, is the 17th JPIAMR transnational call for research projects. Declining effectiveness of existing antimicrobials together with the low and insufficient number of promising new antimicrobials in the pipeline stresses the need for developing new treatments, measures and strategies, especially against fungi. Fungal infections are an under-recognized component of antimicrobial resistance, which is an emerging crisis worldwide. Resistance of pathogenic fungi to all licensed systemic antifungals has been documented, therefore Global efforts are required to support and direct the research and development of new therapies and interventions to treat fungal infections.

Overuse and misuse of antimicrobials and their accumulation in the environment with potential co-selection factors may favour AMR emergence and spread and accelerate the declining effectiveness of existing treatments.

Research is needed to improve, compare and evaluate the efficiency, cost effectiveness and uptake of existing interventions (including treatments and treatment prescription) aiming to control AMR emergence/spread or to reduce mortality caused by AMR in various geographic, cultural and socio-economic settings using One Health implementation strategies.

Note: projects eligible for CIHR funding must address human health. CIHR will NOT fund projects on animal health, plants, food, and/or the environment that do not also include a human health focus.

Applicants must consult the AMR Interventions 2024 call on the JPIAMR website for all required information.

See ResearchNet for more information.

Competition Pre-Proposal to JPIAMR Full Proposal to JPIAMR and Abbreviated to CIHR (202407BFR)
Application Deadline 2024-03-14 2024-07-09

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