Operating Grant : HIV/AIDS and STBBI Community-Based Research

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Memorial Deadline: Thursday 22nd, April 2021

External Deadline: Tuesday 27th, April 2021


The CIHR HIV/AIDS and STBBI Community-Based Research (CBR) Program (hereafter referred to as the CBR Program) is one of four research funding areas of the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative. The CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative is responsible for the research components of the Government of Canada’s initiatives to address HIV/AIDS and other STBBI, in line with the Pan-Canadian STBBI Framework (Reducing the Health Impact of Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections in Canada by 2030: A Pan-Canadian STBBI Framework for Action) and Canada’s Action Plan on STBBI (Accelerating our response: Government of Canada five-year action plan on STBBI).

With the release of the Pan-Canadian STBBI Framework, the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative expanded its scope to promote an integrated approach toward addressing HIV and other STBBI across the full cascade of care (prevention, testing, linkage to care, treatment and ongoing care). HIV and other STBBI share common risk factors and transmission routes, are exacerbated by similar social, structural, economic and environmental contexts and experiences of inequity, and interact with each other to negatively impact disease trajectories and enhance vulnerability. Given the synergies that exist between HIV and other STBBI, the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative strongly encourages the incorporation of an integrated approach to addressing HIV and other STBBI, while recognizing that infection-specific approaches are still appropriate in certain circumstances or communities. In addition, the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative also strongly emphasizes the importance of meaningful engagement of those with lived/living experience to guide the research processes to better inform research methods and outcomes, which is in keeping with the objectives of the CBR Operating Grants.

The CBR Program supports the partnered work of Community Leaders and Researchers in knowledge development and capacity-building initiatives of relevance to communities engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS and/or other STBBI. All opportunities offered through the CBR Program are available in two distinct funding streams: Indigenous and General.

The aim of the Operating Grant component of the CBR Program is to contribute to the creation, dissemination and use of health-related knowledge, and to help develop research capacity, by supporting original, high quality projects proposed and conducted in partnership between the community and academia.

Additional information can be found on ResearchNet.

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Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

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