Pfizer – 2023 Oncology Precision Medicine QI: Implementing Rapid Turnaround Time for NGS Molecular Testing for Cancer Patients in Non-Academic and Community Centres

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Academic Unit: Inquire within unit

Memorial Deadline: Thursday 8th, June 2023

External Deadline: Wednesday 14th, June 2023


Please note: Pfizer has extended the deadline for this competition to June 14th 2023 

Pfizer Canada (Pfizer), Colorectal Cancer Canada (CCC) and Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) are collaborating to offer a new funding opportunity seeking proposals for quality improvement (QI) initiatives focusing on empowering Canadian centres without in-house molecular testing capacity. This QI initiative aims to improve molecular testing turnaround time for patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) and other tumour types. In this Request for Proposals (RFP), applicants are encouraged to review and consider the Funding Opportunities described below to support and develop their innovative ideas aimed at streamlining molecular testing processes, for example: targeting “bottle-necks” in testing workflow, including integration of in-house NGS testing at the applicants’ centre. Funding and general oversight of the funded projects will be provided directly from Pfizer on behalf of the collaborators. Applicants are encouraged to showcase how their ideas can have sustainable and measurable impact on molecular testing turnaround time, and by extension on cancer care for patients in Canada.

For all QI proposals, the grant requester and ultimately, the grantee, is responsible for the design, implementation, sponsorship and conduct of the independent initiative supported by the grant, including compliance with any regulatory requirements. The collaborators must not be involved in any aspect of project development or implementation.


Date RFP Issued: March 28, 2023

Geographic Scope: Canada

Clinical Area: Colorectal cancer (CRC): all disease stages

Link to full RFP: Implementing Rapid Turnaround Time for NGS Molecular Testing for Cancer Patients in Non-Academic and Community Centres

Application Due Date: May 31, 2023

Specific Area of Interest: The intent of this RFP is to encourage Canadian centres, especially non-academic or community institutions, to submit a quality improvement project that aims to achieve rapid turnaround time for NGS-based advanced molecular testing for patients in CRC and other cancer types, including but not limited to introduction of in-house NGS testing. Applicants are invited to implement innovative ideas with the goal of creating a path for sustainable rapid turnaround molecular testing for cancer patients in Canada.

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