Pfizer Global Medical Grants (GMG) RFP Quantifying the Socio-Economic Burden of Disease for Dermatology Patients and Caregivers

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Memorial Deadline: Monday 25th, April 2022

External Deadline: Thursday 28th, April 2022


Pfizer Global Medical Grants (GMG) supports the global healthcare community’s independent initiatives (e.g., research, quality improvement, or education) to improve patient outcomes in areas of unmet medical need that are aligned with Pfizer’s medical and/or scientific strategies.

Pfizer’s GMG competitive grant program involves a publicly posted general Request for Proposal (RFP) that provides detail regarding a general area of interest, sets timelines for review and approval, and uses an internal Pfizer review process to make final grant decisions. Organizations are invited to submit an application addressing the research gaps as outlined in the specific RFP.

For all Investigator Sponsored Research (ISRs) and general research grants, the grant requester (and ultimately the grantee) is responsible for the design, implementation, sponsorship, and conduct of the independent initiative supported by the grant, including compliance with any regulatory requirements. Pfizer must not be involved in any aspect of study protocol or project development, nor the conduct or monitoring of the research program.

Date RFP Issued: March 1, 2022

Geographic Scope: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK, Austria, Belgium/Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Clinical Area: Dermatology (Atopic Dermatitis, Alopecia Areata), Public Health, Direct and indirect costs, quality of life, socio-economic impact

Link to full RFP: Quantifying the Socio-Economic Burden of Disease for Dermatology Patients and Caregivers

Application Due Date: April 28, 2022

Specific Area of Interest: Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on quantifying  the socio-economic burden of disease in atopic dermatitis, and/or alopecia areata patients and their caregivers / with a goal of understanding if the current level of healthcare system resources matches the patient need.

Refer to complete details in the full RFP document. If you have questions regarding this RFP, please direct them in writing to the Grant Officer, Ai Ping Lee (

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