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Memorial Deadline: Wednesday 2nd, March 2022

External Deadline: Wednesday 9th, March 2022



The International Exchanges Scheme is for scientists based in the UK who want to stimulate collaborations with leading scientists overseas through either a one-off visit or bilateral travel.

Aims of the Scheme

The International Exchanges Scheme is designed to offer a flexible platform for UK based scientists to interact with the best scientists around the world. Funds for a contribution towards travel, subsistence and research expenses can be requested for either a one-off short visit to explore opportunities for building lasting networks or for bilateral visits to strengthen emerging collaborations. This scheme is not intended to support continued research activities between a UK applicant and a co-applicant who was a former colleague or PhD student or to support other existing or recent collaborations between the applicant and co-applicant. Rather, the scheme is intended to stimulate new collaborations between scientists in the UK and overseas.

Subjects Covered

Research must be within the Royal Society’s remit of natural sciences, which includes but is not limited to biological research, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics. For a full list, please see our guidance page. Submissions from clinically qualified scientists may be considered. The Society does not support clinical or interventional research on humans at the individual or group level, social sciences or humanities, unless otherwise stated. If there is any doubt about the eligibility of a project, please contact the Grants team. Value of Funding and Support Provided The funding available is dependent upon the length of the visit.

Applicants may request:

• up to £3,000 for one-off travel lasting up to 3 months;

• up to £6,000 for multiple visits to be completed within 1 year (including a maximum of £1,500 for eligible research expenses);

• up to £12,000 for multiple visits to be completed within 2 years (including a maximum of £3,000 for eligible research expenses). Travel can be conducted by all project participants, which includes the applicant, the co-applicant and also members of their teams.

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