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Aboriginal Peoples
Arctic and Northern Regions
Community, Regional & Enterprise Development
Creative Arts, Culture and Heritage
Environment, Energy and Natural Resources
Governance and Public Policy
Information and Communication Technology
Oceans, Fisheries and Aquaculture
Social Justice
Well-being, Health and Biomedical Discovery


Academic Unit: Inquire within unit

Memorial Deadline: Friday 1st, December 2023

External Deadline: Friday 1st, December 2023


Please note: This program is currently under review, with upcoming changes including, but not limited to, updates to align with the Tri-Agency EDI Action Plan.   During this re-evaluation phase, Memorial encourages all applicants to adhere to the principles of EDI-AR, which should be reflected in application submissions.

The funds used for this competition draws from the larger Seed, Bridge, Multidisciplinary Fund which supports innovative research that is at a stage where it would be difficult to acquire funding for under traditional funding bodies and Tri-Agency funding programs. Each of these awards: 1. Seed, 2. Bridge, and 3. Multidisciplinary draw from the larger fund, but are distinct, categories with different goals and terms of reference. For the upcoming competition, only applications under the Bridge, Multidisciplinary and Seed categories will be accepted.  Application forms can be found below.

Multidisciplinary Fund

The Multidisciplinary Fund is used to support new research collaborations among researchers at Memorial from different disciplines. Multidisciplinary research for the purposes of this competition may range from the sharing of ideas, to the full integration of concepts, methodology, procedures, theory, terminology, data, organization of research and training in multiple academic fields. In the context of this funding, “multidisciplinary” is used to refer to both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The Multidisciplinary Fund provides assistance to a maximum of $10,000 towards projects lasting a maximum of 24 months (shorter terms are also welcome).

 Seed Fund

The Seed Fund is used to support researchers to undertake the earliest stages of research in new directions  which represent significant deviations from their existing research activities.  Also, the initial stage of the new research activity would make it too early to seek external funding support.  The Seed Fund provides assistance to a maximum of $10,000 towards projects lasting a maximum of 24 months (shorter terms are also welcome).

For both the Multidisciplinary and Seed Funds, the research projects should focus on obtaining proof of concepts to support future external funding. Applications are also sought for projects that involve relationship building in community-based research, including relationship building with Indigenous groups.

Bridge Funding

Bridge funding sustains the research programs of productive researchers through the difficult period of an unanticipated funding gap to give the researcher an opportunity to regain external funding. Bridge requests are considered when an investigator’s funded project has not been renewed and temporary support is required to retain key personnel. Requests must provide support for existing key personnel, and cannot be used for new personnel.  Bridge Funding is a needs-based award designed to retain personnel and gain leverage for additional funding, so the principal applicant must outline, using his/her/their most recently-submitted application for external funding, how the bridge funding will be used to improve his/her/their scores on a future external funding application.

The number of projects funded in this competition will be contingent on the number and quality of applications, as well as the funding available.


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