SPOR Summit 2018 Patient Travel Awards

Well-being, Health and Biomedical Discovery


Academic Unit: Inquire with Unit

Memorial Deadline: Monday 29th, October 2018

External Deadline: Thursday 1st, November 2018


Prior to preparing an application, applicants must have been pre-identified and invited to attend the 2018 SPOR Summit.

Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) is an initiative that puts patients first. SPOR provides the evidence needed to inform the development of health policies and improve the health care system. It is about putting scientific discoveries into practice, and producing the information decision-makers and health care providers need to improve care. SPOR is about using the power of research to make our health care system more efficient and effective, ultimately improving the health outcomes and care experience for patients.

Patient-oriented research refers to a continuum of research that engages patients as partners, focusses on patient-identified priorities and improves patient outcomes. This research, conducted by multidisciplinary teams in partnership with relevant stakeholders, aims to apply the knowledge generated to improve healthcare systems and practices. Note that “patients” is an overarching term that includes individuals with personal experience of a health issue and informal caregivers, including family and friends.

Under the theme Mapping the Progress of Patient-Oriented Research in Canada the SPOR Summit 2018 will bring together patients, researchers, clinicians, policy / decision makers, government representatives, health charities, SPOR-funded entities and other stakeholders. It will be an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, find opportunities for greater collaboration, explore early successes, share lessons learned and hear from experts.

Summit 2018 is envisioned to be a Patients Included accredited event which means that CIHR is committed to incorporate the experience and insight of patients into the conference. CIHR is targeting 25% patient attendance.

The Summit will take place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November 13-15, 2018. Participation in the Summit is by invitation only.

Funds Available

CIHR and partner(s) financial contributions for this initiative are subject to availability of funds. Should CIHR or partner(s) funding levels not be available or are decreased due to unforeseen circumstances, CIHR and partner(s) reserve the right to reduce, defer or suspend financial contributions to awards received as a result of this funding opportunity.

  • The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $100,000, enough to fund up to 75 awards.
  • The value of each travel award will be determined based on the location from which the applicant is travelling.
  • Successful applicants will receive a direct payment from CIHR.

Additional program details can be found on CIHR’s website.

Funding Sources

Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

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