Team Grant : Official Language Minority Communities in Health Research – Application

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Memorial Deadline: Thursday 9th, May 2024

External Deadline: Tuesday 14th, May 2024


This funding opportunity is announced under CIHR’s Strategic Initiative on Official Language Minority Communities (OLMC) which seeks to understand the health issues of French and English-speaking Canadians who live in communities where they are a minority. An OLMC is a group of Canadians for whom the mother-tongue or the language of choice is French or English in a province where this language is a minority. More precisely, this term refers to English-speaking communities living in Quebec and French-speaking communities living in provinces and territories other than Quebec.


It has been reported that French-Speaking Minority Communities rarely, if ever, have access to health services in their mother-tongue/language of choice, and hypothesized that there is a direct connection between language and population health. This problem has also been observed in the English-Speaking Minority Communities for whom regional access is often limited or non-existent in some locations. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that language barriers negatively affect access to health care services and to preventive services, and therefore, to timely diagnosis and treatment. Access to health services in one’s language of choice (French or English) is a critical health care issue since the relationships between professional and patient have been shown to be an important determinant of quality of care. However, evidence for understanding the health issue of these linguistic communities regarding their state of health, determinants of health, and issues related to access to services is lacking. This lack of scientific evidence hinders the development of targeted health strategies and effective policies.


This funding opportunity is intended to support the creation or development of teams undertaking research relevant to the health care issues of Canadians living in OLMC. Through collaborative research, it is expected this will enhance the understanding and accelerate the resolution of issues in OLMC. The funding aims to:

  • – Increase research capacity in this area;
  • – Increase our knowledge of OLMC health determinants, of the relationships among health service governance, management and delivery in OLMCs, as well as the interactions between language, culture and health of OLMCs; and
  • – Ensure that newly created knowledge is transmitted to researchers and clinicians with the view of improving the health of Canadian OLMC populations.

To accomplish this, research teams must have the capacity to:

  • – Leverage existing networks and further establish relationships within OLMCs to ensure coordination of efforts and increase the efficiency and impact of research;
  • – Develop an interdisciplinary training and mentorship component to support trainees and equip them with the skills required for academic and non-academic careers:
    – Identify scientific training and mentorship gaps and address them through diverse and innovative approaches;
    – Engage academic, non-academic and knowledge user mentors from a variety of disciplines, sectors, and jurisdictions;
    – Implement best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the training environment.
  • – Mobilize research knowledge within and across all pillars: health systems services, population health, biomedical and clinical.

See ResearchNet for more information.

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Registration Deadline 2024-04-16
Application Deadline 2024-05-14


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Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

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