Overview of Pre-award Services:

The Pre-award group administers the application for, and acquisition of, research funding up to the point of spending. The Pre-award group also has oversight of the maintenance activities over the life of the award that are associated with the right to continued use of the funding (clearances, amendments, extensions, etc.).

Research Funding Opportunities Database

Specific services offered by Pre-Awards include:

  • Administration of internally-funded grant programs;
  • Review and submission of applications to external funding agencies (including Tri-Agency – CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC), and applications for co-applicants on externally-led applications;
  • Negotiating and execution of contracts;
  • Liaison with Tri-Agency and other research funding organizations and agencies regarding eligibility, policy, etc.;
  • Communicating funding opportunities/deadlines;
  • Authorizing the establishment of research accounts by Financial and Administrative Services, obtaining confirmation of certifications (Animal Care, Ethics, etc.);

Pre-Awards consists of two main groups of staff: the Grants team handles most funding applications and awards, while the Contracts team handles partnership applications and contract negotiations.

Researchers interested in applying for ACOA-AIF funding, please contact:

David Miller
Director, Research Initiatives & Services (RIS)
Tel: (709) 864-2409
E-mail: dmiller@mun.ca

Paula Clarke
Associate Director, Research Initiatives & Services (RIS)
Tel: (709) 864-7606
E-mail: pclarke@mun.ca