Research Initiatives & Services (RIS) Internal Deadlines

RIS Processing Deadlines:

In order for RIS staff to assess all grant applications from both applicants and co-applicants on externally led applications, including letters of intent and similar notifications, while ensuring they are able to deliver on their many other job responsibilities, such as account openings, internal award program processing, etc., RIS had set a deadline for completed grant application packages to be received by RIS a minimum of three (3) working days before the granting agency deadline for institutional compliance review and signature/submission.

Please note that a completed grant application package includes:

  • The final version of the grant application, including all forms, letters of support, CVs and other materials as required by the funding agency (please note that a draft copy is acceptable for co-applicants on externally-led applications);
  • Approval/signature by decanal unit(s); and
  • Approval/signature by the researchers as required by granting agency.

A five (5) working day deadline is applicable to contract-type applications given the potential requirement for engagement with sponsors prior to submission. RIS staff must receive the contract file no later than five working days from when the sponsor has indicated it is due.  In cases when the sponsor has not set a specific deadline, the file should be received by RIS staff no later than five working days from when the PI wishes to submit it to the sponsor. Please consult with an RIS staff member about early engagement in the review process in advance of your submission for review and approval.  

New funding opportunities deadline:

A researcher wishing to apply for any opportunities available on the Research Funding Opportunities Database that are marked by an asterisk is asked to contact his/her unit’s grants facilitator (or, if the unit has no grants facilitator, an RIS staff member at at least 10 working days prior to initiating application development so that the opportunity can be evaluated accordingly and appropriate internal deadlines assigned. These internal deadlines must be factored into the timing of the development and submission of all applications.

Institutional Compliance

In the interest of reducing duplication of services between units (Grants Facilitators & Associate Dean’s research) and RIS, and continuous service improvement, RIS’ grant application review process was updated in December 2016.

Institutional Compliance Review now includes:

  • Confirming eligibility requirements of applicant/co-applicants and partner organizations (where applicable).
  • Reviewing budget to ensure that it has been prepared in accordance with Memorial’s policies (including the Indirect Cost Policy).
  • Confirming approval of application by Decanal unit(s).
  • Assessing the relationship of related grants and/or pending applications with the current application (leveraged partnership programs only).
  • Confirming compliance with the “Meaning of Signature” as outlined in the application guidelines.
  • Institutional approval (where this has not been delegated to the Decanal level) including signature (where applicable) for applications, and research funding related contracts and agreements for all funding agencies except CFI and CRC (see SIRI for more information).

Unless specifically stipulated in the “Meaning of Signature” associated with the specific application, RIS no longer checks for:

  • Any unconfirmed commitments of funding, space, etc. made in the application are the responsibility of the unit.
  • Signatures from applicants, co-applicants or partners other than the submitting Decanal unit.
  • Application completeness.
  • Verification of commitments (institutional or otherwise).

Therefore responsibility for any issues arising from the above vests with the unit.