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Application Tabs

At the top of the application are a set of tabs that you must complete prior to submitting the application. A tab that has a red asterisk * indicates that there are required field(s) that must be completed prior to submission. Once you complete all the required fields in that tab, the asterisk will disappear…. Read more »

Application Action Buttons

The buttons that appear at the top of an application are the Application Action buttons. Save: save any changes to the application  Close: exit the application and return to the Memorial Researcher Portal home page Print: print the application in the pre-set layout Export to Word: open the application as a Word document Export to… Read more »

How To Start A New Application

Click the APPLY NEW link in the navigation menu on the Memorial Researcher Portal Home Page. This will open the New Application Forms page. The application names are hyperlinked. To start a new application, click the name of the application you wish to complete. A new application will be launched. Please ensure you are filling out the… Read more »

Principal Investigator or Project Team Role Blocks

When you login to the Memorial Researcher Portal you will see the Home Page. The Principal Investigator (PI) and Project Team Member Role Blocks provide links that will direct you to application forms in which you are a PI or Project Team Member. All Project Team Members can contribute to an application form prior to… Read more »

Research Funding Application Forms

The Researcher Portal research funding application is internal to Memorial University for internal processing only. It does not take the place of a sponsor-specific portal, such as those associated with Tri-Council Funding. The Memorial Researcher Portal application is used in addition to the application developed and submitted in the external portal. Research funding applications are… Read more »