Project Sponsor Info Tab

In the Researcher Portal, a sponsor is the agency, institution or company associated with a program.

The Project Sponsor Info tab is where details about the programs associated with an application are provided. More than one sponsor and program can be added to an application, as appropriate.

To add a sponsor and program, click Add New on the Project Sponsor Info tab. The Sponsor Info window will appear.

Click the Agency button. Search for either Agency name or Abbreviation. Click the Select button corresponding to your agency.

Select the Program from the drop-down list. You must select the Agency before you can select the Program. If you cannot locate the program you need, contact the RGCS Workflow Coordinator ( or 709-864-3805) for assistance.

Use the date picker to select the Competition Date.

You may click Add New to add additional sponsors and programs after creating your first sponsor entry, if applicable. Click Save when you are done.