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Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab is where users will upload any additional material required for the application. When uploading an attachments, please adhere to the following guidelines: A filename must not include any of these characters: ” # % * : < > ? / { | } ~ [ ] + Filenames must not exceed 128… Read more »

Application Custom Questions Tab

This tab includes all the questions that are directly related to your particular application. There will be a number of sub-tabs that organize the application questions into different areas. If you need more information about a question, look for yellow text boxes that may contain additional information. Text responses that contain < > will produce… Read more »

Project Sponsor Info Tab

In the Researcher Portal, a sponsor is the agency, institution or company associated with a program. The Project Sponsor Info tab is where details about the programs associated with an application are provided. More than one sponsor and program can be added to an application, as appropriate. To add a sponsor and program, click Add… Read more »

Adding a Team Member Who Is Not MUN-Affiliated

In the event that a PI wants to add a team member who does not have a MUN affiliation, they may add the individual to the project by listing them in the Comments filed, under the PI profile. These individuals will not have Researcher Portal access to the file. List the name, institution and role… Read more »

Adding a Project Team Member

On the Project Team Info tab, you will find Other Project Member Info. In this section, add ☑ any Memorial-affiliated Co-PIs and Co-Investigators ☑ Required Team Members (these are the people who help you get your application approved) To add project team members, click the Add New button. Click the Search Profiles button. Do not… Read more »

Changing the PI of an Application

When you click the Change PI button on the Project Team Info tab, you will be prompted to search for the PI from the database. Type the new PI’s first or last name and click Search. Then click Select. Do not manually enter the PI’s information. Once you have changed the PI, you are no… Read more »

Position and Institution

Depending on the research and affiliation, a researcher’s position and institution may change. You may change the position and institution for the application by selecting the drop-down menus on the Project Team Info tab.  

Researchers with Multiple Affiliations

An affiliation is the University faculty that the research and researcher is associated with. This is considered an internal affiliation. If the research is not associated with a University faculty, it is considered External. Researchers may have multiple affiliations. If you cannot select the appropriate affiliation from the drop-down menu on the Project Team Member… Read more »

Project Team Info

This tab will allow you to add and change members on your research team. If you have started an application for a Principal Investigator but you are not the PI, use the Change PI button to remove yourself from the PI role and select the proper PI. Here’s how. You may change the PI’s Affiliation… Read more »

Project Info Tab

This tab is where you enter basic information about your application. IMPORTANT: All fields that have a red asterisk * are required. You must complete all the required fields to submit an application. Give your project a title.                                   … Read more »