Project Info Tab

This tab is where you enter basic information about your application.

IMPORTANT: All fields that have a red asterisk * are required. You must complete all the required fields to submit an application.

Give your project a title.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .
Use the date picker to select your Start and End dates.                                                                                                             .

Use the drop-down menu to select at least one A1 – A10 keyword that describes the project. Click Add to add it.

Use the Search button to link any related ethics certifications to the funding application.

When you click Search under Related Certifications, the Certifications List window appears.  Certification files for which you were either PI or Project Team Member for will be listed. (Other Team Members will see their own certifications when they log in.)Click Select next to the certification you want to link with the awards application.

Once added, certification information will display under Related certifications on the Project Info tab. To add notes about the certification, click Edit. You cannot change any other information about the certification. To remove the link to the certification from the application, click Delete.

Note to researchers with certifications with confidential components:
Keep in mind that basic information about the linked certification will be visible to all Project Team Members on your awards application.