How do I change the Principal Investigator?

The user who initiates the application is automatically assigned as the Principal Investigator. To change the PI:

  1. On the Project Team Info tab, click the Change PI button.
  2. Type the Last Name or First Name of the new PI in the search field and click Search .
  3. Click Select to select the correct PI.
  4. Ensure the PI’s Affiliation, Position, Institution and Email address are correct. This affiliation routs the application to faculty approvers.
  5. Scroll down and click the Add New button to add yourself back to the project.
  6. Click the Search Profiles button to link to your database profile.
  7. Type your Last Name or First Name in the search field and click Search.
  8. Click Select to select your name.
  9. Change your Role In Project to Co-Investigator, or whatever role is most appropriate.