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2023 Fiscal Year Inventory

We ask that all researchers who have held externally-funded projects during the 2022/23 fiscal year to verify the “2023″ disbursement(s) that we have on file for them. Instructions on how to validate your external 2023 disbursement(s) can be found below. If you notice any errors with regards to your 2023 disbursement, or academic affiliation, please email referencing… Read more »

How do I change the Principal Investigator?

The user who initiates the application is automatically assigned as the Principal Investigator. To change the PI: On the Project Team Info tab, click the Change PI button. Type the Last Name or First Name of the new PI in the search field and click Search . Click Select to select the correct PI. Ensure the… Read more »

I submitted an event but now I don’t see it. Where did it go?

(Click a screen shot to enlarge it.) Click on Applications: Post-Review from the main menu. A list of post-review applications will appear. Click on Events for the application associated with the event you submitted. The Events screen for that application will open. Scroll to the bottom of the Events screen. Under Events: Under Review, you… Read more »

How To Submit an Event

Click on Applications: Post-Review from the main menu. A list of post-review applications will appear.  Click on the Events button for the file associated with the event you will submit. Click on the event type that you would like to submit. Complete the requested information on each of the tabs. Attach any supporting documentation under the… Read more »