Welcome to Research Project Management

This site offers Research Project Management (RPM) guidance and support services for research projects university-wide. The RPM approach utilizes a custom Research Management Methodology to provide support services, including: common tools, templates, processes, and learning resources to aid Memorial University researchers in the planning and delivery of their research projects. Furthermore, if requested, RPM training is available to Principal Investigators (PIs), project managers, and research team members on project management strategies. These support services will be available to the Memorial’s research community throughout the life of their research projects regardless of the nature of the research.

For a more detailed introduction to  Project Management, please view the ‘Introduction to Project Management’ video. Researchers are also encouraged to review ‘A Project Management Guide for Researchers’ which is an educational guide that introduces the concept of project management and helps communicate the potential value that project management can add to research projects.

Instructional Video: Introduction to Project Management

Downloadable PDF Guide: Research Project Management Guide – January 2018

Using the Research Management Methodology, this support site guides the researcher through the entire research project life cycle from identifying potential funding sources, proposal development, contracting, project execution/monitoring and project close-out. This methodology can be utilized by researchers to help identify and implement project management processes applicable to each stage of a research project and for the identification of possible institutional/sponsor requirements applicable to their research projects.  Furthermore, project Intellectual Property (IP), technology transfer, and commercialization support services available to university researchers are highlighted.