Manage Data Requirements

In accordance with Memorial’s Integrity in Scholarly Research Policy and the Tri-Agency’s Responsible Conduct of Research, researchers have obligations with-respect-to data storage and management.

IT Services (ITS) and Information Management and Protection (IMP) work together to support university researchers, faculty, staff and students in their data management efforts.

ITS services include computing consultation and support, research data storage and backup, and IT procurement.

IMP offers advisory services to researchers on how to manage and protect data, including considerations for information management, privacy, shared drives, data access, data backups, retention and destruction, security, and information risk assessments.

Here are some things to consider when contacting ITS and IMP:

  • How much data do you have?
  • What type of data is it?
  • How sensitive is it?
  • Does the data need to be stored or accessed frequently?
  • Who needs access to it?
  • Are there other partners who need access to the data?
  • Are there any 3rd party obligations?
  • Do you require high performance computing?

For further information or assistance, contact

For more information on IT services, visit:

IT Services

Information Management and Protection

Policies pertaining to IT and Information Management research activities include:

  • Appropriate Use of Computing Resources
  • Data Removal
  • Electronic Data Security
  • Information Management
  • Privacy
  • Tangible Asset Administration